Monday, April 28, 2008


When we last left our Hero, she was covered in flour and dead asleep at the kitchen table.

But, wait! What is that? She’s wielding the tongs! She’s alive! Cooking didn’t kill her.

Okay, enough of the silliness. Lunch was a success! 22 people attended while I was there, from 11 am - 1 pm. I heard that a few others were going to be filtering in after 1. Apparently, the food was wonderful. I’m saying that honestly, because I don’t eat chicken. And you thought I was just embarking on another ego trip.

Here are a few foodie pictures to titillate your taste buds. On the plate, clockwise from high noon: Thyme & Onion Focaccia, Baby greens with snap peas, tomatoes and Dijon vinaigrette, and Rosemary chicken breast.

Lemony Squash Muffins. The recipe, by Jamie Oliver, can be found here. I'm usually caught tinkering with every recipe I find or just creating my own. But this one was a winner right out of the gate. Try them!

In addition to raising more than 50 dollars for KW Cares, we were able to pull in a few extra donations for our local food bank food drive. Our office is hoping to win the coveted Macaroni Trophy. We’re accepting donations at our office until May 21st.

Here’s the info on the Habitat for Humanity work that we’ll be doing on Thursday. I’m going to bring my camera and click as many pictures as the day will allow. As of this morning, we had more than 15 people signed up, between day, morning, and afternoon shifts. It should be a great time!

I’ll be back a bit later with some interesting reading!


Anonymous said...

You, sister are a huge nerd, and/or Blog whore. But I love you! "spontaneous dance parties with you toddler/sister" Brilliant. Anyway, this is great, much like its author.

Love ya Gorgeous,

Sara Spock said...

Oooo, you made it! Welcome to the party that is my awesome save-the-world blog! I am not a blog whore, your mom is. And I love you, too, pink hair and all.


colbymarshall said...

mm....rosemary chicken sounds delightful at 11:55 PM...I'm just strange sometimes, but hungry anyway!